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Lahjaideat ja lahjavinkit - KUKUNTA
Be&Liv-Peony lamp

Peony valaisin

Peony valaisin mukailee kauniisti luonnon muotoja. Valaisin on valmistettu suomalaisesta vanerista.
Valaisimen ø55cm ja korkeus 50cm.
Suunnittelija Janne Uusi-Autti

Peony is a ceiling lamp with nature inspired contemporary form. It is a beautiful light that fits well both private and public spaces. It is made out of the best quality Finnish aircraft plywood and finished in the hands of Finnish craftsmen.
Product dimensions: Diameter 55cm, height 50cm
Material: Finnish thin plywood
Compatible with standard E14 light bulbs.
Cord included. Sold with EU or Japan compatible cord.
Peony is designed flat packed.

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